Get unrivalled peace of mind with Toyota Relax new manufacturer warranty

SLM Toyota are excited to introduce Toyota Relax, the new Toyota manufacturer warranty, which helps Toyota owners avoid the ongoing worries of vehicle maintenance, applying a 12 month manufacturer warranty to their Toyota every time it’s serviced.

At SLM Toyota, we’re extremely proud to be a franchise of the Toyota brand, not only because of the progressive and cutting-edge vehicles that we have the pleasure of providing to the community, but also because Toyota is a business that is always thinking forward, and how it can help its customers. The new Toyota Relax manufacturer warranty is the perfect example of this ‘customer-centric’ thinking.  

After conducting extensive research into the reasons and motivations behind Toyota owners’ vehicle servicing and maintenance decisions, the scene was set for the action needed to be taken around Toyota servicing and manufacturer warranties, and as such the Toyota Relax scheme was conceived.  

The unique new Toyota Relax manufacturer warranty sees Toyota owners receive a 12-month manufacturer warranty with every service they receive from one of our Toyota Centres, providing their car, new or used, is under 10 years / 100,000 miles.  
So, with the Toyota Relax manufacturer warranty, not only does the customers’ Toyota receive a service, they get 12 months peace of mind that the features included in the manufacturer warranty are covered. This continues every time the car is brought in to us for a service, until it’s either 10 years old or it reaches 100,000 miles. The warranty even follows the car, so should the customer decide to sell, they’ve got a useful bargaining chip!  

Note, terms & conditions apply for the Toyota Relax manufacturer warranty. Download the full terms here  

We hope you are as excited about this new initiative from Toyota as we are! You can find out more about the Toyota Relax manufacturer warranty here  


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